I hit around 15 shots against a net, and all of them were square, solid hits. Your email address will not be published. I did the exact same! These irons definitely promote a high launch — my ball flight was noticeably higher than my current irons. Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes? Hogan did in like chuck said …basically nothing new under the Sun just with better materials. Nike SQ Machspeed Irons was new for

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Hogan did in like chuck said …basically nothing new under the Sun just with better materials. I nikd the club but after the experience with warranty I will never purchase a Nike product again. Stability leads to forgiveness. The normal set consists of 4I up to a gap wedge and is available for both right handed and left handed players.

Nov 29, 40 Comments. The SQ MachSpeed irons come with two available shaft options. Pear is not optimal from a engineering perspective and the more data they get and better software they have to show them eq the more they realized this was true.

The key to increasing ball speed is through aerodynamics. Visit the SQ MachSpeed driver microsite on nikegolf.

Nike SQ Machspeed – NEW DRIVER!

Nike Golf has introduced what it claims to be the 20100 and longest irons the company has ever developed to date – the Nike SQ MachSpeed irons. I think these designs are getting out of hand for 3 extra yards and 1 extra hit fairway. I took the MachSpeed irons to the range to see if they would perform as promised, and I share the results of my test here.


February 10, at 2: Should hit it out of orbit. It felt like the diffusers helped to guide the clubhead throughout the swing.

Throughout the swing the increased weighting at the corners in addition to the advanced aerodynamics helps keep the clubhead machspeedd to the swing arc, and the square shape and the lines of the clubhead just seem to promote its traveling straight through the ball towards the target. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

And nikd ability to change shafts and angles is a real nice concept. We have become painfully numb to all the new releases over the past 5 or so years which look almost like identical replicas of the previous years model…except for some new fresh paint schemes and a new sole design.

Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron | Golf Channel

Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes? Well thank you for enlighting me Mr. Comments those sure are thick. Luke 9 years ago. Bob, Awesome job on everything Nike.

Golf companys need to get back to just make a solid- feeling and looking head that someone can feel confident hitting. The head design feel solid and is pretty forgiving, even if the flight of the ball nke quite high.


Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron

I just needed to express that. Like the MachSpeed driver and fairway wood, the MachSpeed irons easily set up square to the ball due the wide solewhich will help the average golfer right out of the gate.

Like most game improvement irons, the topline is on the thick side being a bit of a traditionalist I prefer a thinner topline. Bob, which driver are you currently gaming?

First irons with Spock ears for increased MOI!

Nevertheless we really like that Nike has at least tried to improve the functionality of the club…no matter what it looks like. This design, dubbed Total Swing Aerodynamics promotes a higher initial ball speed, optimal launch angle, and less spin.

It has become a fairly even comparison between the various heads out there, so it really is whether it machspeeed your eye or not. Can i use the same shaft i have now and attach it to the vr driver or the sq driver head?