Surprisingly enough Shuttle differs from the rest and takes the lead. The loser is the Shuttle AB48N which despite the low price has very little to offer. Jetway Alioth PE is the card getting the best score in this section which comes as a bit of a surprise. The contact between the heat sink and the northbridge is very good and overheating is nothing to worry about as this board scarcely is designed for the overclocker. The PCB is really one of a kind. In general the layout of the Alioth PE is very good.

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This is clearly a pretty parsimonious package of accessories. We look at the amount and usefullness of included accessories and integrated features. TechBubbel Podcast — However the grade will be quite high, as long as it works this fine the shell matters less. The layout of BH7 is typical Abit disregarding the small misses we mentioned before.

Jetway Alioth PE

And what is one of the basic demands for good overclocking potential? The last detail among the accessories is a 4 channel soundcard from CMedia. Abit BH7 wins this roundup closely followed by Jetway Alioth Pe, which we definitely aliohh to those not too eager about overclocking.

Just as with the other cards the magic number here was 3.

Alioth – Disfruta by Alioth PE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Sure, it has USB2. Both of them are made on the ugly? The availability aliotu is much much worse than for the BH7. At the moment the more expensive boards on the market are not that much better to justify the price. Furthermore, you can set a threshold value making the computer automatically turn off in case the CPU reach the selected temperature.


As mentioned there are only two USB ports and not including an extra bracket was a great mistake. As both price and accessibility requirements are well fulfilled, the grade is set accordingly. That is all for this time but aioth your eyes open we will give you a first look at the future of Intel systems. The table below illustrates the most important settings for you who do not have the energy to read the text.

The ATX-contact is on the other hand very well placed, just at the border of the mainboard. Alioth PE is the most feature rich motherboard in the review. Alioth PE is not exactly what you would call an overclocking board, even though the mainboard did surprise us somewhat when we started looking around in the BIOS.

Overclocking test 2 is performed using an unlocked P4 and trying to find the highest stable FSB the board can handle. The memory test diagrams are a bit different since we have two values for each board. However this will not cause too much trouble as aliogh as you use a aliioth heatsink that is attached to the plastic frame. Now to the tests which are most interesting, the game tests, where we have the possibility to see how ridiculous many Quake3 fps the todays computer are able to render.


Abit BH7 continues to come in second place while the Shuttle board takes turns with the Albatron about the last place. In the next test a MB wave file is encoded to MP3 format and of a,ioth it is measured by time.

We compare price with equal products and also accessiblity among retailers. When buying one of these boards, instead of concentrating on performance figures it is the bundle and number of aljoth in BIOS that decides which one to get.

We have contacted Abit about this and we will update the review as soon as we get a new board. A manual is of course included, and this is an interesting piece of work since aluoth is well written and supplies the user with an overclocking guide, something that usually is taboo. The Shuttle board is a bit behind.

Jetway Alioth PE specifications

But to get maximum performance from these boards a MHz FSB CPU is needed, and those will have a less attractive price in the beginning, so that is maybe not a clever choice. You can also set at which processor temperature the board is supposed to shut the computer down, which could occur if the fan would break.

Here we have used the Integer Stream results as standard.