See the discussion page. The Eee PC Surf models include the mAh battery pack and no webcam, while the non-Surf models have the mAh battery pack and a webcam installed. For money invested in storage expansions for Eee PC , your expenses will get close to price of new Eee PC and with it you will get bigger screen and more RAM, which by our opinion turn the scales to Eee PC side. AC power jack view large image. The keyboard is very small and so is the touchpad.

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The series launched at Computex Taipei on 3 June Although the Eee sells with a sale price of Euro, at Euro more than the shop price of its predecessorboth are comparitively well priced, something still rare for models of their size.

The and later laptops had the kernel pre-configured to support up to 4 GB of memory address space. In short, the build quality is quite high despite the low cost.

Archived from the original on 23 August It was 90 that the Eee has capacity for a “3GCard” upgrade. First remove startup for linux-restricted-modules-common because it causes conflicts with the madwifi drivers.

Short Review: Asus Eee PC 900 Subnotebook

This page only contains advice for obsolete releases of Ubuntu. Also, the battery life of the Eee PC is something to take note of, outlasting HP’s Mini-Note with just a high capacity 4-cell battery as awus to the 6-cell battery on the reviewed Mini-Note ; it’s also one of the most portable devices we’ve had the chance to review in recent times. Newer models added the options of Microsoft Windows operating system and rotating media hard disk drives HDDand initially retailed for up to euros.


Archived from the original on 7 January Where things start to get murky is if you are looking to do more than that on the awus or from the sofa.

Asus Eee PC

With regard to user friendliness, the possibility of using Windows XP really is a step in the right direction, particularly when it has come hand in hand with improved performance. With a total weight of close to one kilgogram, the Eee PC can also be used without issue while travelling.

Download and install the “rt – 1. But the fact you could buy more than four Eees for the price of a single Sony opened everyone’s eyes to just how cheap a laptop can be. Should the price of the future Eee models rise too high, there would be a lot of competitors which would glady take the bottom price range, driving Asus out of this part of the market. Although small revisions to the base unit of the compact Eee can be observed, overall there has been very little visibly altered.

In an EE talk, [32] [33] an Asus engineer mentioned that the Eee PC uses the keyboard shielding as a heat sink to absorb the heat generated by the processor. SiouxeS Same here, works great.

Asus Eee PC –

Retrieved 27 December Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. Asus products Subnotebooks Products introduced in With the problems of ergonomics the Eee brings come athegos immense profits for mobility. With all models, an external display can be supported through a standard VGA connector.


Like the Eee PCthe new machines feature The striking monitor-hinge design at the back eee, which also houses the battery remains much the same.

The extra memory and storage are also very welcome additions, and help make this version of the Eee PC a real alternative to a fully featured notebook.

In Australia and Italythe situation was reversed: If you really can’t live without XP, then we recommend buying the superior Linux version and installing XP yourself. Archived from the original on 9 July Once again Asus has missed the opportunity to make this athegos extremely mobile subnotebook able to be used on the road.

Now, as pv and more companies begin releasing their own mini notebooks, the price keeps increasing with only a modest increase in features.

The main question is: Please share our article, every link counts! Loudspeakers On the Asus Eee 4G atyeros was enough space either side of the small pixel wide display for the speakers.

This ought to provide a bit more oomph and certainly an improvement on battery life too.