Program settings allow you to make calls from the NAT, but this mode when testing was not used. Note however that even if you take the risk and get another one of Yealink’s phones to work, there is a high chance that some feature s won’t work properly e. In Germany, we have an independent sales office to cover the mid European market. Most often, such noises occur when calling to landlines. In another version efficiency of the device is not guaranteed.

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All these programs need to be installed separately on the disk with the software they are not. These phones connect to a nearby WiFi connection and can be placed anywhere within range and not have to be connected to a Butlerr, Ethernet cable, or any other linking device to work.

Program settings allow you to make calls from the NAT, but this mode when testing was butle used. Requires a separate refinement procedure for dialing calls from regular phones and the Internet phone to an external number.

Topcom Butler VOIP/Dect phone | computer hardware reviews

Recently Topcom introduced an interesting product line in Lifecare products since we believe people are more and more concerned about their health. Posted June 30, Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures So what did we buter in the package besides the phone itself? To make calls through Skype to landline mobile phone is required, enter “00”, with calls from regular landline dialing depends on the country and supports the call.


The usual buttons with green and red pattern is not to call btler cancel using the same above mentioned button. These gadgets are powerful and portable, just what every player wants from their rig.

Topcom Butler USB VoIP Manuals

In the small office or apartment is an optimal solution that does not require purchase of additional apparatus. The ability to search actual handset, if you often forget where you left it. Dialing Dialing can be done in two ways. Why did I get this product? It is vkip that when you answer a regular phone for long distance calls, which number was determined by the device, triggered by no means in all countries.

Russian letters on the keyboard are not available, so enter the Russian names have intuitively. Phone deprived excesses color screen, voice mailbut the basic functionality for talking is enough.

Thumbed through the list using the buttons “Up” and “Down. Voice quality phone depends on the breadth of the channel. Between them is a button for phone call and cancel. Some general comments on how to use Skype. On the back you can read specifications in several different languages. SkypeOut contacts from the normal contacts are not different. As it happened I open the new ads and saw this Topcom Butler phone that was advertised.

Topcom Butler 4012 VOIP/Dect phone

It is the manufacturer’s logo. In the audio mixer to work with the program SJ Phone, simply specify the appropriate box. The advantage of this model is the possibility to choose between tone and pulse dialing, which makes it suitable for analog switches. The butper criticism that owners of gaming laptops come under is those who say the laptop is less […]. After pressing the button on the screen consistently displayed the names of contacts voi; are in the mode of on-line.


Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures Topcom makes phone and that is all I know thus far. This can be done only if the contact is registered in the address book with the appropriate settings.

On the back of the base are connectors for power supply, telephone line and USB-cable. However, the basic chip device is the possibility of combining the functions of the stationary and the VoIP-phone. Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures I really like the colors silver and white together, and both the receiver and the phone itself come in these colors.

Topcom Butler 4012 USB VoIP Manuals

Batteries provide enough battery life – just over 12 hours of talk time and up to 5 days of standby time, but in terms of office or apartment is not very important. Keyboard keys are also made of silver plastic. Most of the other European countries are covered by official Topcom distributors or wholesalers, who take bjtler of the countrywide distribution.