Any of my future amp buys will be from them period. I would say if your speakers arent power hungry or your tastes aren’t rock concert levels for 7 channels at the same time one dedicated 20 amp outlet should be fine. Is there a big step up from the 2 to the 6 series? What did you buy? This is kinda like the reverse effects of The Loudness War!

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When I said they were hot i meant that they get very warm to the touch but not truly hot. I’m reading tai some people are commenting the series is overly bright.

ATI 6004 Signature Power Amp

The mid range and bass is however, more consistent in character as dictated by recording during 600. I waited patiently while I kept myself busy on other fronts like photography for instance. I have my fronts tri-amped and the sound is clean and clear on both low and high volume.

How does your compare to your Parasounds? You should be good to go but you need to ensure your outlets have 20 amp sockets as the plugs are different ato 15 and 20 amp recepticals. Music is the goal here, not movies. Then in the operating manual it states that 2 independent circuits should be used.


FG Wilson ATI Transfer Panels

I haven’t been able to really put it through its paces, because I still don’t have the power situation squared away in my media closet. Ultra soft turn on reduces in-rush current to a minimum.

Sound wise, the kick drums is less intrusive to the overall presentation of the musical score unless one is playing rap and club music all the time at dance floor level volume. Kessler used Thermaltrak output devices for the series. Any of my future amp buys will atj from them period.

ATI x Series Amplifiers – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Big BBB is offline. I just moved into a house where I am getting ready to do my dream HT build. Did you come to a decision? They need empty rack space above for cooling. Audio Arthi-fihifiATIaudiophile, power amplifier. Originally Posted by Stereojeff.

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Leaving that all in place at the old house until GoT is over on Sunday night! Their conclusion mirrors the published reviews: They all sound almost the same. You will love the Signature AT ATI x Series Amplifiers. I was happy with my Halcros but these are cleaner, quieter, and have much more current which is always better.


This amp should have come with lower back surgery deductible insurance, lol. I am looking for a channel amp ato am taking a look at the newish ATI x series amplifiers.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Note – they run hot no surprise so make sure you’ve got 600d of ventilation. I have it driving my Dali Epicon 6’s and Vokel.

I thought it said that the should have each cord plugged into a 20 amp outlet as to not have voltage sag. Or the way the same power supply saturates a 2 channel amp against a 4 channel amp is a key factor here? FYI the plugs are not the special 20 amp prongs.

The reason for different sound between models is the transformers feeding those modules and the way they share Transformers. I plan to hook up the amp for the 7 main channels, and use the Denon for the heights 7. AT series amplifiers are “best in class”.