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Fetish hotel london

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Fetish hotel london

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The apartment includes a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen fettish and, as you may have noticed from the above photo, a sex dungeon. The hotel also hosts pool parties with celebrity DJs. The hotel also has a fantasy menu which includes an erotic foursome massage and a personal cameraman to record stuff. Shower with a pole dancing pole in it 2. The owners also host regular events such as Masque — a fetish dinner and cabaret.

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Fifty ways to play!

Recent News. They offer 6 different playrooms and lots of space 3, square feet.

After a very comfortable night's sleep in the four poster bed after a memorable evening of play we woke up refreshed and a little sore. There are many swingers clubs in London or other UK cities that can be a lot of fun as well.

Indeed if anyone reading this would like ftish to place a recipricol link on my website I would be delighted to hear from you and hopefully we can help each other get business. Also, setting some form of standard price, and making them public on the site, feels much more professional.

The secret dungeon bdsm hotel review

View more testimonials Are you ready to spice up your life and book a visit to the Secret Dungeon Book a visit now. The temperature outside in late November was quite cold, so I hoped that the dungeon would be warm. Feyish good cop bad cop — but with more handcuff action. The suite features well equipped dungeon and punishment rooms, together with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom — everything you need for a comfortable overnight stay in our BDSM hotel.

Book your stay at the Secret Dungeon here. We both wanted to mention a few things regarding etiquette when staying in a BDSM hotel or dungeon that has equipment and toys for you to play londkn.

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The Suite contains everything you would expect in a quality hotel, including fresh towels, bath robes and hair-dryer. If you are looking for a great place to take your next booty call or a fun way to spice things up with the wife you need to know about Better Than A Bed. I ed the venue and quickly secured a Sunday night stay after paying a deposit. Think of it like a retreat filled with professionally trained Doms, Dommes, and submissives that cater to everyone — from complete beginners who think a tie only goes around the neck, to seasoned veterans.

The moment we stepped inside all of my concerns disappeared as the warm, sizeable space immediately felt very inviting. The bathroom has a wardrobe full of uniforms, outfits and footwear, though we packed a suitcase full of our fetihs. Includes recommended hotels close by to Full. Xander Master Hypnotist.

Everyone welcome! The Secret Dungeon was excellent value for money considering the space, facilities and equipment that's available to use there.

The bathroom hote, a range of toiletries including shower gels and mouthwash. The apartment includes a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen facilities and, as you may have noticed from the above photo, a sex dungeon. We now offer both overnight and daytime hire for couples and professionals.

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There is also a limited description of what there is to play with. Out of all the places I looked at, these guys offer some of the most sincere, fetisg, and sacred BDSM experience you could hope for. We walked passed it and and doubled back on ourselves to see a lovely lady waiting outside ready to show us around. We stayed up for most of the night and then relaxed, the hot tub is a ,ondon touch and a great way to wind down!

This post will tell you about the best love hotel in London where you can have fetish and BDSM sex right there in the room you rent. After a short walk with our suitcase full of toys and kit in tow we quickly arrived at our venue for the next 15 hours. For a of years we considered finding a BDSM hotel or dungeon we could say at overnight instead of playing at home or in a normal hotel.

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Seeking somewhere special for a dirty weekend or a night of passion? Spray and wipe down all equipment with antibacterial spray after you use it. The hot londkn area is fully covered so you can head out rain or shine and you're also able to smoke in this space loncon complete privacy. Wine is available to buy for a small additional amount also. The hot tub was the perfect end to our activities.

For me, most of my subjects and myself feel more comfortable going to a neutral venue, and the problem is finding locations which are reasonably priced and 'open minded'. There's much more and a more extensive list can be found on the Secret Dungeon website. The dungeon space is fantastic and is very well equipped with some sturdy kink furniture and a huge selection of toys ranging from impact toys to a glass cabinet full of dildos and plugs.

Needless to say we had two incredible play sessions during the evening and early hours of lindon morning. From the outside the venue certainly lives up to the name.

10 sex themed hotels in britain and abroad for a dirty weekend or more

Neatly pile all used towels inside the shower cubical or bath tub so that it's easier for the owners or cleaners to remove them and get the venue ready for the next guests to arrive. Here are London's sexiest hotels. Hotel deals for events at Full Fetish London, The Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, Elephant And Castle, SE1 6TJ. We showered, packed our suitcase and put any toys that we used from the venue in the dropbox.

Once we'd asked a few questions relating to the equipment and paid for our stay we were given the keys and locked the front door when our host left.