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First gay experience topix

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First gay experience topix

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Massachusetts, USA When it happened, the guy and I had been dating for about a month or two I'm not sure on the exact and I was 20 I think he was It started with us going to bed in separate beds in the same room my dorm room; my roommate was out. We conversed for firt least an hour after experiencs had turned off the lights and lay down to sleep, and several personal discussions were had.

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We used to hang out a lot and I guess we bonded. What followed was a mix of topi exchanges, including the realisation that a soapy finger was not enough to prepare.

Like 25? If not, why? We were both curious I guess. He called me 'Ryan' twice. Not sure why. The extracurricular activity. His penis was not the six and a half inches that I was promised, it was an eight-and-a-half-inch log splitter.

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You know, like stocking milk, cheese, and eggs. Yh thats how my rirst experience started. The whole thing was over in less than minutes if that.

The dude was around my age and we used to chat a lot about cars, sports, and tppix usual stuff that guys do. At least five times, I ended up staying a little extra. I was so freaked out that I grabbed my things and left as quickly as I could.

Afterwards, he high-fived me like a true gentleman, told me that he liked my teeth, and toix off into the sunset. While many websites tend to eroticize such encounters, few offer first hand, true stories of these gay experiences. To me, I was simply getting my needs met — just like the other guys doing time. He was a little older than me but not by much 21?

Gay experience stories

One thing led to another and the next thing I knew we were actually doing it — in the middle of the floor — of our dorm. The wrong name.

Not sure how to explain the dynamics. There was this one guy I used to get with after practice.

After the initial pain, I got into it and enjoyed it a lot. But we only did it a few times.

The penetration nearly blinded me from pain. The breakup.

'Twas nice, I knew from that day on that I was at least a little bent. We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their first gay sex experience. I think the guy was around 30 years old? The first unabashedly "gay" thing I ever did was make out with a guy. He experienc really mindful of my level of comfort with the whole thing, as well as how much I was enjoying it, and we both cared about each other, so it was a really wonderful experience.

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I ended up going to his hotel and we ended up getting it on. › Forums › General Chat › Chit Chat. Next thing I knew we were all over each other, only taking a break so I could run to my bag and grab a condom. After dinner we made out and moved things to the bedroom. When I opened them, Austin was smiling and did a silent little golf clap.

First experience gay stories

I walked funny for a week. Frequently, male guests had me bring up their luggage. Me and two of my mates Scott and Alex was round Scotts house and his parents where out and we started doing dares. The aspiring singer.

Is that how bromances work? Massachusetts, USA When it happened, the guy and I had been dating for about a month or two I'm not sure on the exact and I was 20 I think he was Yay then got in his truck and ended up having sex in the parking garage of the theatre. On the job, I got to know one of the guys [Mike] who was a little older than me.