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Gay masturbation stories

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Gay masturbation stories

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He usually hated waking up before the alarm, but this morning he had a raging hard on that demanded his immediate attention.

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Erik turned toward Chris. In fact, his father bought him a new Mustang for Christmas. Chris then got bold.

My first gay experience

"​Seems like I've just been gone for the weekend," thought Chris as he lugged his. Mine is straight with a bit of scaring from being cut but I like the full bulbous head. We cleaned up and left in awkward silence - a bit confused that even though it was an amazing orgasm, it was just 'gay'. His parents were doctors, so money was jasturbation a problem. Not only was his hand busy, but he was also humping his hardon back and forth through his clenched fist.

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It's true what they say about things being bigger and better in Texas, huh? Winter break was over, time for the spring semester to stoires at Colorado Tech.

After a while, I need him storiex fuck me. It was already the spring semester of his first year at community college and he was still fantasizing about Trisha from high school. Mark admitted that he masturbated several times a day, and that he sometimes masturbated while.

Gay sex stories

How about you? You looked out yet?! On rare occasions, we talked a little about masturbation. And then as if by magic, he gets up, dresses and leaves. It does last longer than usual and there is a deep storeis feeling from my core. Is it possible to cum from being fucked? A current fantasy Soon, I found myself masturbating while talking on the phone with him. I don't want us to get screwed if we get caught cheating. Chris opened storeis door to find Erik laying across the couch reading a magazine.

Chris put his arm around Erik's shoulder.

Erik wore a pair of Chris' form-fitting Wrangler jeans, a denim shirt, and black boots. Besides his admission of frequent masturbation, he was usually involved in a hot sexual relationship with one woman or another. I was about 15 when I caught my sister wanking for the first storiees, so she.

I took off my shirt, and rubbed the moist napkin under my arms, and then on my face. We worked together all day at the house. Chris' roommate graduated in December and had moved out. Chris asked "Man, when did this happen?

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We just stood there looking at one another stroking ourselves. Finally, I realized that my friend was masturbating "everywhere" right under my nose.

The next morning, Erik and Chris quickly finished their homework. Erik, still flustered, sighed. We must have been walking back from somewhere as we both needed a piss and went to the nearby loo. I was so used to my straight shaft, that I felt like I would have to almost slightly twist my wrist around as I went up and down.

As we stood at the urinals, we ended up glancing at each other. It was the first time I'd ever seen another guy actually masturbating and there he was pumping up and down.

Stroies now, having done a fair amount of straight stuff, I find a degree of curiosity about pushing boundaries with another guy. First time my foot! My orgasm is now building and I can see his is too. Everyone reminisced about their days in high school. About a very tired and dirty Erik trodded through the door.

There's somebody I'd like you guys to meet. Erik looked over at Chris, brushed the hair out of his face, and replied "Thanks, you ain't too shabby yourself! The exhibitionist in me loved it but I could tell he wasn't completely comfortable having already shot his load and was on the downside. He goes ever so slowly, pressing, holding, lubing. We were stood close together in the confines of the cubicle and he leaned forward slightly so that his knob touched mine.

Have you ever masturbated while talking on the phone to a straight male friend?

Gay masturbation stories

views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: The story is completely true. That spark of electric feeling stimulated both of us and we kept them gently rubbing against one another. That WAS my first time.