Currently on my sc3, I have 1 instance of ubuntu hardy 8. I also read in this thread that linuxmint works. Thank you very much in advance for any comment, warning or suggestion. One can get wireless to work without flaw. Anybody knows how much is a replacement and where to get one? Just a little note:

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Who knows, you might actually solve the problem for all mankind! That is like an old IDE driver right? Install extlinux in the directory you just sh88 Ya, I know, shouldn’t have turned this into a dd lovefest, not the proper thread for it. Mint is close enough to ubuntu that I would prefer that to Suse.

Has anyone tried with the new bios http: In a nutshell, here’s how I did it. I actually posted this on a different thread so I will copy it here: Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and look it over and edit it for my laptop. After the install, it didn’t boot, and someone suggested me to change the kernel to install. It was a pretty nasty hack but it works for now. Don’t blame me then for hoodwinking you into this procedure ; So, do that backup NOW.


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However, I can load the ubuntu 8. Always knew that patching grub legacy was useless ‘cos its going to be throwaway once grub2 replaces it anyway. Thanks to everyone in this thread! Ubuntu in x is really wonderful!!!

It might be interesting to try to do the grub setup from a grub native boot, which is grub running by itself, with no Linux system at all. I’m not sure what MS has changed but it seems to work better to me.

But if there are so many driver problems, it will be really difficult. Which version of OpenSuSE are you using that worked?

I should mention here that alongside grub you will need syslinux not extlinuxfor a small but vital part, and a very small fat32 primary partition to hold syslinux. No graphical sh yet, but coming soon i presume, though splash images http: I’d like try if Ethernet run correctly.

The ubuntu grub2 https: If I write “ipconfig” I see only loopback device: I’m not an expert, but I love Ubuntu and I’d like it run correclty on this good netbook. Grub chainloads syslinux and syslinux in turn chainloads grub back again.


See if that makes a difference. If I kohjinshaa the FN keys work.

In my classes I am language teacher Su8 I must show following things to my pupils connecting my SC3 to several classrooms projectors and loudspeakers: I used Jaunty beta, but I am now reinstalling Hardy due to the graphics driver issue.

Create a small fat32 partition a few MB’s, or more if you round to cylinders in gparted for syslinux. Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: Now, with regards to making a backup image with dd, it has been pointed out that piping dd to gzip doesn’t really decrease the wi7n size by any significant factor. So, skype, live msn is of no great use on the move.

The LBA might be a clue.