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Meaning of loving

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Meaning of loving

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She has a great love of music; her love for her children. They are in love with one another.

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As we reflect on these behaviors, we learn a lot, not only about how we interfere with our naturally loving feelings for others but about the negative ways we feel about ourselves.

However, when we connect to someone in this way, we llving our sense of vitality, and we maning up ificant aspects of our relationship. Your loving grandmother might be your favorite grandparent because she clearly adores you. You can be a loving sister or a loving babysitter, and you can also describe kind things you do as loving, like the loving hug you give your sad friend or your uncle's loving gesture of sending your aunt flowers on her birthday.

So how well do we meet these standards for being loving?

Meaing, we view that person as a part of us. We then fall into roles rather than appreciating each other as individuals and experiencing the exciting, loving feelings that result.

When we see a person this way, we allow ourselves to fully value them for who they are and for the happiness they bring to our lives. How are we recreating past hurts in our current relationships? An accomplished and much requested lecturer, Dr. Loving definition, feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate; fond: loving glances.

They both love dancing. She loves her children dearly.

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They are in love with one another. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.

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One of the biggest reasons we shut out love is because we feel unworthy or self-denying. The wife would lovkng compliment her husband, but he rarely felt acknowledged by her words. Too often, we think of love as an almost passive state of being, as opposed to a conscious choice we make.

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Are we looking to them to fulfill us in some way that is unfair to them? Even though a Fantasy Bond replaces real relating with another person, it offers a false sense of security, the illusion that we are no longer alone. Random Word loving Someone loving is affectionate and caring. meanijg

The adjective loving comes from the Old English lufian, "to love or approve," from the root lufu, "love, affection, or friendliness. To become more loving thus means recognizing ways we self-sabotage. The present score is fifteen love written 15—0.

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We are driven to be generous toward this person, to show compassion and kindness in a way that both they llving the outside world would view as loving. Do we consider what lights the person up, separate from our own interests?

It is not a mark of ownership over another person, but rather the exact opposite: a genuine appreciation of a person as a separate individual. Ballet is the love of her life; Goodbye, love! We have many ways of defending ourselves against love, and struggle to give and receive love with ease, openness and vulnerability. In other words, we come to o ourselves and our partner as a single unit.

Love is being truthful and never involves deception, because misleading another person fractures his or her sense of reality and is, therefore, an actual human lovijg violation that adversely affects mental health. Love should never be an act of manipulation. One of the reasons we wind up in less-than-loving relationships is due to ways we were treated in our past.

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While love seems to be a universally valued attribute, defining love in behavioral terms can be a challenging undertaking. When we are meaninv out to our partner, it can be valuable to examine whether our behaviors are for them or for ourselves. MLA, Chicago, APA. The behavioral operations of love are replaced with a fantasy of being in love, which does not nurture either partner.

For example, have you ever witnessed a parent hugging and wondered whether the hug was intended to comfort the child, offering reassurance and care, or to soothe the parent, taking something from the child? Firestone speaks at national and international conferences in the areas of couple relations, parenting, and suicide and violence prevention. When we regard love as something we fall into, we can easily slip into routines with the person we value or lose a sense of separateness and respect.

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Someone told me a lovely joke last night, but I can't remember it; a lovely meal. She has a great love of music; her love for her children. Rather, they were traits she valued in a partner that reconfirmed her own self-esteem and sense of worth. He fell in love with her straightaway. Are we hoping they will make up for an emptiness or hurt from our past?

| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. We couldn't get a taxi for love or money.

Of course, there are many barriers we put in place that not only keep us from finding this type of relationship but from achieving it with the person we love. Relationships tend to go south when we stop taking actions that our partner would perceive as loving, and instead, start looking to our partner solely to mewning our own needs. Loving definition: Someone who is loving feels or shows love to other people.