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Search yahoo mail by date

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Search yahoo mail by date

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In addition to this basic search functionality, Yahoo includes "filters", which allow you to narrow down further the : finding s inside found matches, in other words, by adding new search criteria on-the-fly. Let's start this tutorial by launching a sample search in Yahoo Mail; we'll then show you how to launch recent message searches, or clear them. Launch an search in Yahoo Mail To start an search in Yahoo Mail, simply go inside any of your folders, to see the search box right below the Check Mail and New buttons : the built-in search will find s in any folder yaoo have created, not just the one in which you are. Click inside the Search Mail text box: then, type one or more terms you want to search for, and hit Enter to launch the search or click on the Go button.

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Search for messages in yahoo mail

Search by sender - When viewing a list of s, mouse over 1 and click the Search icon. To erase all your recent searches, click on the "Clear" link, underlined in red below: Sift through search Yahoo Mail will load all matching in a listing where the content of your folders is usually displayed. Yahoo Mail search option 2: Narrow The second option Yahoo Mail offers to help you make the most of your is the ability to filter these : a new "Narrow " pane is displayed on the right of the Search tab, allowing you to filter further any search result.

The of search filters you'll see depends on the of possibilities Yahoo Mail found; we will go by our sample searchand explain the search filters you seaech on the screenshot. Mail 1 Log in to Yahoo!

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Perform an advanced search In most cases, the basic search -if specific enough- will bring up the you seaarch looking for. For clarity, month filters are displayed, indented, below the year filter.

It even lets you find only messages that contain an attachment or an image, and filter them by category the "smart views" Yahoo automatically ass to all incoming mail - social updates, shopping, etc. When you are done, click on the "Search Mail" button at the bottom!

To search inside the message body the text datw contains type inside the "Contains" field instead. Under Sender, you can restrict the search to filter out any s not sent by the sender you click on. Any piece of text displayed in blue under each header is a clickable search filter: click on it, and you add new criteria to your search.

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Type inside the Subject field any word or words that you remember appeared in the title " subject line " of the message you are looking for. Click the "Inbox" or a label on the left.

Use a few search terms or an advanced search to locate harder to find items. Pick "In the last 7 days" or "In the last 30 days" to find messages you know hy received in the past week or month.

Quick searches

Tip: the more information you provide, the narrower your search. Click "Date" again to return your messages back to the default setting of sorting newest to oldest.

Just keep this in mind to put the minus before the search terms. To remove an search filter, simply click on its close button, and Yahoo Mail refreshes the search to display matching s, now without the filter you just removed. Example: subject:"Your birthday".

Searching for your earliest mail zearch be a quite time-consuming process. If you enter a start date only, Yahoo will search for messages that were received on or after that date. Finally, you can filter down your search to only showing messages that contain file attachments check the "Has attachment" checkboxor pictures check the "Has image" checkbox.

Quickly launch "Recent Message searches", or Clear Recent Searches Yahoo Mail makes it easy to find again s matched with searches: instead of typing the same search terms inside the search box, simply click on the dropdown arrow displayed inside the text field: Yahoo Mail will show recent searches with the terms you were trying to find. To enter a custom date range, choose "Custom date" from the dropdown menu. Selecting the option vy sorts them from oldest to newest, while selecting it again reverts your messages back to the setting of newest to oldest.

Launch an search in Yahoo Mail To start an search in Yahoo Mail, simply go inside any of your folders, to see the search box right below the Check Mail and New buttons : the built-in search will find s in any folder you have created, not just the one in which you are. Bu may need to update your settings in third-party programs to use a more secure approach.

Example: from:"John Doe". Launch a basic search To search for any searfh of match in your inbox and other folders, click inside the big dste box at the top of the. Exit search and return to Yahoo Mail Once you are done with search, simply close the Search tab, and Yahoo Mail brings you back to the last folder you were looking at.

Minimizing headers is useful when you view s in a small screen, such as in your mobile phone.

Example: in:"Folder Name". Here's a brief explanation of each search field, and how to use it when applicable: Use the "From" and "To" fields to find messages by sender or recipients To or Ccby typing a partial address or person name - as u type, Yahoo will auto-complete suggestions based on the contacts you added to your address book.

Type one or more keywords, and hit Enter or click on the "Search Mail" button: Note: Yahoo Mail even saves searches you've last performed; to find again messages that match certain keywords, just click on the set of keywords under "Recent Searches". To dahe s only, without content preview, dearch uncheck the Show Snippets checkbox, and Yahoo shows you search just like s in regular folders: As before hiding the Snippet preview, each result is clickable, and the selected 's content will be displayed inside the Reading Paneas it normally would.

How to Print All Gmail s in One Folder or Label headers may contain information that you do not need to see all the time, such as the time and date a message was sent or the full address of the sender. Quick searches Basic search - Enter keywords in the top search bar, then click the Search icon. Quick Steps to quickly search for messages in Yahoo Mail: 1 Click inside the big search box at the top.

To remove all recent searches from your Yahoo Mail profile, just click on the Clear Recent Searches menu item.