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Slave wanted

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Slave wanted

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No script. By Eliza Hecht Dec. I will clean your house, or anything else you want me to do. I expect nothing in return. I like serving strong, confident women. I also like women who smoke.

Age: 20
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: Looking Sexual Dating
City: Northwest Edmonton, Bellmore, Maryville
Hair: Not important
Relation Type: Grannys For Sex Online Chat Rooms

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I thought he would like it better if I just referred to him as the Houseboy. I had joked with friends about how great it would be to have a manservant, someone who would clean, do my dishes and laundry and all the other things I hate doing.

Do you dare?

All this time it is up to you to prove yourself, to convince Me that you are a true slave, worth the existance in My presence. I am looking for slaves males and females.

What I am looking for is quite simple. And: from the very first meeting I expect that you support Me financially by paying for the time you are allowed to spend with Me. No and yes.

I also like women who smoke. I will grant you a day off every now and then.

Anyway, you will be working for Me in and around the house and at the office. I love to relax, knowing that My slave is working for Me.

If his fetish was to serve a woman who would boss him around and make him feel worthless, I would try to slve the role. Therefore I only enter into such a relationship with a slave who has proven that he can surrender to Me completely. Buy Sex Slave Wanted no experience Necessary Dom BDSM T Shirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns.

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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Perhaps you must prepare My dinner, perhaps I will cook My own dinner.

Do you dare? Of course that will not happen overnight, it will happen gradually as you and I get to know each other better. › Slave-Wanted-experience-Necessary-BDSM. I am very demanding, set the bar high. What will you get in return?

The houseboy wanted to serve me. i tried to oblige.

When I am enjoying Myself, when I have My pleasure, you will feel very satisfied en you will realise that you are the luckiest slave on the globe. Even so, I told him not to tell me his name.

Financially: you have your own income, from which you pay your own fixed expenses health insurance premium, car insurance, car expenses etc. We set up a date for him to come over and clean.

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And yet also this relationship may come to an end. I thought they were funny. The slaves will live at the farm house. It was a simple premise: I would sit in my bathtub, drink martinis and sing karaoke.

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If you and I separate wantsd mutual understanding and respect, I will help you finding a place to live. I will lead you to a life where you possess nothing but the clothes in the cupboard and the car outside. If you do waste my time, you will be ignored in the future. Other aanted tasks will be discussed in a meeting. That means that everything you currently own will become Mine.

I wanted to meet this man with a housecleaning fetish.

No script. It is not about your desires, your pleasure. When I am satisfied with your performance, you will become one of My personal slaves for a period of at least six months.

If you are not serious and willing to work and serve do not waste my time. Sure, but I will lead you.

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You will be given duties and things to accomplish while living under this roof. And Ikea is in Red Hook, which is a hassle to get to. Oral Slave for Sadistic Lady: A femdom and oral worship story - Kindle edition by Simmons, Lucy. Wanted!

In the evening you work for Me at My office. Without taboos, carte blanche. Note: Wajted am NOT looking for a sexslave or a partner.

And, frankly, I wanted a clean apartment.