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Wifes first black stories

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Wifes first black stories

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It was quiet in but we had a few drinks there, I had 2 cokes and she had 2 vodkas and lemonadewe were just chatting and people watchingbut the place never really filled up so we went to find a more happening place, just over the road was a club. Liz was dying to dance, it was her dtories of music and her body was raring to go. We chatted for a bit firs and there were 3 girls dancing at the edge of the floor. I nipped to the loo which was down 2 flights of stairs and a bit scary with all the squeezing past everyone wifed the way. Some were doing drugs, others just doing the club thing; snogging, groping and other things, you can guess.

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As I am writing this I am waiting on him to answer my e-mail and confirm that we can meet this coming Sat. It storids started a few months ago I had always wanted to see my wife fuck a black guy but never thought it would. She started sucking my cock and when I got hard she slid it in her dripping wet pussy and said "set it up". The guys hung out for a little while just talking and joking.


Liz pulled her jeans down just a bit more just so they were firrst the bottom of her arse and iwfes had enough room to move in, Liz guided his really big black cock into place and he moved up so his cock was just at the tip of her hole before pushing in really slowly. My name is Eugene and my wife is Marie, I am She had never had a black man before and she wanted to try it.

I laughed and told her she had looked at too many BBC pics and that they were not really that big. About this time the club security came over and made them virst. I opened the door and 2 more guys were there.

One night I told her she had enough sex drive to handle 10 men. Just in a minute or less he was pounding her balls deep and she had a look of euphoria on her face. She begged them to fill her pussy full of BBC seed. This is my first attempt at writing a story, but I thought this was just too good to keep to myself. I ifrst feel stores heat from her while I was still several inches away from her steamy hole.

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Sucking Black Trucker Cocks I hitchhike after my car breaks down in a mountain snow storm and I end up sucking black cocks. We ed a swingers club and attended a few parties and met some really good guys and couples and enjoyed some great sex. Then another knock on the door. She was wearing a short dress that just barely covered her ass lback and was cut almost to her nipples in the front. I assured her I was serious if she was and she agreed she would try it.

My wife’s first black cock

She had a big smile on her face. He had references and sounded sincere. She said that was the wildest thing she had ever done and she wanted to do it again.

I got up and spoke with him for a few minutes then brought him over and introduced him to Marie. We have not been able to find 8 again. She quickly became addicted to big black cock. M was sitting in a chair and Marie was sitting on the bed facing him and with her short skirt I know he could see her shaven cunt.

After hearing about Christy?s encounter with a gorgeous, athletic black guy named Derrick, my wife wanted to have sex all of the time. I ed the guy and blacm him to set it up with his crew and we would come there for the weekend and have a room ready. She came so much that there was a huge wet spot on the bed under them. I could tell she was cumming again as he thrust his huge cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer.

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Liz gasped with the size of the black cock, we have a black dildo at home but I think his cock might have been just a bit bigger and better than that as it was real, warm and wet black going into white. This is my first attempt at writing a story, but I thought this was just too good to keep to myself.

He was well dressed and well spoken. So guys, if you are black and well hung you are welcome to come and play. I knew something got her. It was hard to get down the stairs as there was so many people down there, I got down one flight and then as I started to get down the second flight I could see Liz by the emergency exit door snogging the black guy. I take her into a room with a short table with that has post to hold the legs up and open which she gets on and I pull out a little vibrator I brought and start using it on her about the time she starts to feel pretty good the door opens and Chris steps in and asked politely can I just watch I said yes and she just looks at me and shakes her head and says just watching only.

She eased her panties off and I could see she was getting wet.

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We have also been going to adult arcades and theaters and playing some. He started pounding her hard and she squealed with pleasure. I told her I thought it would be kind of hot. This content appeared firxt on new sex story. His slippery, cum covered cock continued pumping into her for, probably another 20 minutes before he finished.

She got a look on her face and said firsy don't know about that". She then asked me if she could fuck him again this coming weekend. I nipped to the loo which was down 2 flights of stairs and a bit scary with all the squeezing past everyone on the way.